Saturday, 18 January 2014

Nail of the Day: Alpine Snow with MoYou London Stamping

Hello polish lovers!

Today I am back with my nail of the day...although it is one I wore a few days ago but I am trying to get my photo's built back up so I have changed my nails 3 times since I got back from vacation.

Having just come back from the Caribbean, I was feeling bright and floral, so that is what I did.  I started with 2 coats of OPI's Alpine Snow, one of my favourite whites...I need to get a backup bottle badly, fortunately I think it is part of the permanent collection.  I especially love when I use it for a stamping base and have a tan, it looks very good...more of a tan than I have now, obviously.

Once this was coated in SV and dried I chose the colours I wanted to stamp with.  I used Models Own Bubblegum, a neon pink that I discovered, through The Crumpet, stamps beautifully...I definitely need to get more of their neons.  I used my MoYou London Pro Collection 10 and the cherry blossom design for all fingers except my ring finger, which I stamped in Color Club Abyss and a different floral design from the same plate.

I love the contrast between the 2 colours, while the floral designs and the white base help to keep the design cohesive.  I actually loved the pink and green together so much, I used them for the next nails that I did as well(post coming soon).

While at my local Walmart today I found some of the new Sally Hansen Satin Glam polishes...mine had 4 colours, and picked up Silk Onyx, so look forward to a first impressions and review of the newest Sally Hansen line, coming soon.

Until then, polish happy!


  1. These are cute! The MoYou plates are great aren't they - I seem to have got interested in stamping again since they've been around!

    1. the MoYou plates are amazing, very cleanly etched and unique.