Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas/Winter Challenge Day 1: White Christmas, Snow

Hello polish lovers!

So when I posted yesterday I had completely forgotten that today was the first day of the Christmas Challenge I am participating in.  So I just got finished editing the photos and here we go.

I decided that I wanted to capture my favourite part of snow...that is the falling aspect.  My favourite thing to do in winter is to go for a walk in the evening when the snow is falling and there is no wind and it is so quiet you can hear the snow touch the ground.  I tried to create what I see during those walks.

My first step was to find a dark blue...unfortunately I don't seem to have a creme dark blue(I will have to correct this)  so I used Seche Hypnotic.

Once this was dry I got out my smallest dotting tool and China Glaze White on White and began dotting randomly on the nail.  I waited a few minutes and then added a thin coat of China Glaze Ride the Waves, a navy blue jelly.

I then repeated this step using my next size dotting tool.

Before Ride the Waves
And again with my next size dotting tool.

And again with my next size dotting tool.

The final layer of white dots is not covered in Ride the Wave but allowed to stay true white.  I love how each layer of blue makes the previous layers look further back, great way to fake perspective on a flat surface.

I had to darken this last photo as the others were coming off lighter than it was in reality.  I really loved this mani, way prettier in person than it looks in photos.  I will have to recreate closer to Christmas, I really loved it.

So as I said last time, I will be back tomorrow with my last mani in the 33 DC, really this time.

Until then, polish happy!

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