Friday, 28 February 2014

Nail Art A-Go-Go, Day 28: Art Nouveau

Hello polish lovers!

It's the last day!  I made it...with a few late posts in there, but posting every day very difficult when I don't have a set schedule at work and with this cold I am still trying to get over.  So some days were better than others.

For the Art Nouveau prompt I began with 2 coats of SOPI Chestnuts About You! a gorgeous copper-y rose gold metallic.

Once this was dry I added my stamp, one of my favourites from Messy Mansion, William Morris and Friends plate MM16.  I love how intricate the images on this plate are, they are very indicative of the Art Nouveau style, with flowing organic forms.  I chose the grape vine image(its my favourite).

I used Konad Black to stamp with and I love how crisp the image turned out.  I have used this image a number of times before and I keep going back to it.

That is all for today and the end of Gnarly Nails Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge.  I will go back to my regular mix of reviews and nail art on Sunday.  There are also a few polish comparisons that I want to do as well.  As well as posting about a few Awards that I have been nominated for that I have never gotten around to creating posts for.

Until then, polish happy!

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