Thursday, 12 September 2013

Essie, For the Twill of It Collection, swatches and review

Hello polish lovers!
Today I have a review of several of Essie's For the Twill of It, fall collection.  I have already swatched For the Twill of it in my comparison with Peace & Love & OPI in a previous post so today I have the three other colours that I got in my mini's cube.  First, The Lace is On.

Two coats The Lace is On, no top coat
The Lace is On is a nice fuchsia leaning towards magenta that is slightly streaky on the first coat but is a solid two coat-er.  The colour is not unique as I am sure I have a Rimmel colour that if not exact is very close to this.  The formula is good, opaque in two coats and only slight brush strokes are visible.

Second, Cashmere Bathrobe.

Two coats Cashmere Bathrobe, no top coat
 I love this polish! Could be opaque in one coat but I did two thin coats because I am like that and I love building up of the sparkles.  And speaking of the sparkles, Oh My Glob! so subtle but so totally there, I love it(sorry for repeating myself but this is definitely my favourite of the collection).  Perfect for fall, a deep charcoal base with a subtle silver shimmer fleck.

Last, but not least, Vested Interest.

Two coats Vested Interest, no top coat.
If I didn't love Cashmere Bathrobe to the depths of my perfect grey hungry soul, Vested Interest would be my favourite, but still comes in a solid number two in my books.  This is a unique colour, one that I do not already have in my collection, it is a greyed out green teal cream that is streaky on the first coat but totally opaque on the second.  My camera could not properly capture the depth of this polish and I had to try to correct through editing, which is why my fingers look like they belong to a ghost.

Since Vested Interest is the last of the polishes that I swatched that day I decided to use them for the base in this mani:

Vested Interest with Pueen lace stamping
This picture shows the true colour slightly better than the above.  You must be getting tired of the Pueen stamps but I can tell you that I never will.  They are all lovely and stamp very well.  The white in this is Konad stamping polish(from the kit I found at Winners, which came with white and black).  It works very well and is opaque even on dark colours.

I received some amazing nail mail yesterday and today as the Lucky 13 Laquer I bought arrived(review coming soon) as well as three more plates I purchased from Messy Mansion's Etsy page.  Cannot wait to get all that gorgeous on my nails.

Until next time, polish happy!


  1. Thanks, they have gotten a lot better.

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  3. That Pueen stamp is adorable!!! Do they have a website? I have never heard of them before...

    1. They do its but I got mine from because they offer free Canadian shipping. They are awesome.