Sunday, 1 September 2013

Two Dupe Comparisons, Gargantuan Green Grape vs. Ferris Wheel and Peace & Love & OPI vs. For the Twill of It

Hello!  I have two comparisons for you today.  We will decide together if they are dupes or not.  If they are not I feel that are close enough that you wouldn't need both in your collection.

First off we have OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape(new formula) versus Ciate's Ferris Wheel.  As I said in my last post, Ferris Wheel is a new purchase as part of the Caviar Manicure set while I have had GGG for a while now.  GGG is the new formula which is not green at all, still a lovely colour and one of my favourites but not what I thought I was getting when I purchased it since the bottle shot was from the old formula, which is much more green.

Gargantuan Green Grape on pointer and ring fingers, Ferris Wheel on middle and pinkie fingers.
 As you can see GGG is just the slightest bit lighter than Ferris Wheel, but not enough for my mom to see a difference between the two.  Of the two Ferris Wheel actually has a better formula and is opaque in two careful coats while GGG really needs three or you have patchiness and visible nail line.

Second we have Essie's For the Twill of It versus OPI's Peace & Love & OPI.  I find it very interesting that OPI and Essie have such exact matches in their fall collections.
Peace & Love & OPI on pointer and ring fingers, For the Twill of It on middle and pinkie fingers.
I see little to no difference between these two polishes and the formulation of each is the same, streaky first coat, smoother second coat.  With both you need to polish carefully as the duo-chrome is bad for showing brush marks.  If you are a die hard OPI fan go with that one, same for Essie fans, otherwise choose the one more readily available to you, or the one you can get for a better price.  I definitely don't see the need to have both(I have both because they each came in mini sets that I bought and I really wasn't expecting them to be exact copies of each other like they are) since they are so close, like Flesh Clone close(heeheehee Doctor Who).

That is all for tonight although I will let you know that I am going to try to complete both Plump and Polished and The Crumpet's Challenges which start the end of September.  I will probably try to get ahead as that is a lot of nail art to complete and my freehand work is still coming along.  I haven't posted any of my freehand here yet so look forward to that in the near future.  Until next time, polish happy!

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