Monday, 4 November 2013

33DC Day 19: Following Someone's Tutorial

Hello polish lovers!

I finally gave in after a moderately bad break on my middle finger nail and cut all my nails down to about half of their original length:(  So there will only be a few more posts at my old length before the new shorter nails will make an appearance.

So for today's challenge I decided to follow The Nailasaurus's Nimbus Nails tutorial, found here.  For this mani I decided that rather than to use a white base, I would take the opportunity to use a new polish that I had not chance to try, OPI's Pink Friday.

Pink Friday is a light bubblegum pink with a slight blue undertone, which works better for me than more orange tone pinks which make my skin tone look sallow.

I followed The Nailasaurus's tutorial and began with my darkest colour, OPI's Vant to Bite My Neck?, a dark eggplant.  Then OPI's A Grape Fit!, a medium purple.  Followed by China Glaze's Purple Panic, Color Club's Warhol, and finished with China Glaze's Innocence.  I found that my nimbus spots were a little too intense so I put a coat of Innocence over the entire nail.  I think I need more practice but I like the idea of these nails.

I think I need to work on overlapping the halos more, I think next time I will use greens and blues.  That is all for today but I will be back on Wednesday for my double up day.

Until then, polish happy!