Monday, 11 November 2013

Falling for Nail Art Challenge: First Frost

Hello polish lovers!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday as planned but we went to Toronto to pick up my brother so that he could come home for a shore visit.  I, because of this, have 2 posts today.

I will start with my Falling for Nail Art Challenge, First Frost.  I began with 1 coat of Seche's Hypnotic.  I love this polish, the blue is so intense and pigmented.  I really need to see how well Seche polishes stamp, since they are 1 coat-ers they should be really good.

For some reason this photo changed colour when I added it to the post, Hypnotic is much more a royal blue, it is not near this purple.  Once this had dried a added my stamping using Color Club Over the Moon, an awesome light blue holographic, and BMH02 and GA14 to create my frost patterns.

Sorry, when I try to change the size the photo goes really dark:(
This photo is much more colour accurate and you can really see how great Color Club Holos are for stamping.  I really loved this combination and I am sure I will use it again, numerous times, over the winter.

That is all for now, but I will post again soon tonight.

Until then, polish happy!

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