Sunday, 24 November 2013

Falling For Nail Art: Turkey Time

Hello nail polish lovers!

Today's prompt in the Falling for Nail Art Challenge was Turkey Time.  I really had a difficult time getting up the motivation for this one since I am Canadian and we celebrated Thanksgiving over a month ago, and I didn't even do Thanksgiving nails then!  But I prevailed and this is what I came up with:

I started with 2 coats of Nubar's Sunset Matte, which I got in a set with Twilight and Midnight, all of which are awesome.  Sunset is an antique copper pretty!

Once this was dry, which didn't take too long, since it is matte, I used Konad Black stamping polish and used BMH13 for my accent finger and BMH12 for the rest of my fingers.

This has been top coated with SV to preserve the stamping.

I really enjoyed the copper gold colour combined with the crisp black, and the stamping came out amazing, it was almost a shame to take it off, but considering it is not Canadian Thanksgiving, I think I would have looked rather weird walking around with turkey's on my fingers.

In other news, I ended up cutting down my nails even more.  I am continuing to have problems with the break I had on the middle finger of my swatching hand, and I was getting tired of continually having to put Orly's Nail Repair on it, so I chopped them all down, not to nubs, but way shorter than they were.  My middle nail is still shorter than the others, I can't make myself cut the rest down that short, so hopefully it grows quick.  You won't get to see the new length until December though, when I start the Christmas Challenge that was posted to Crumpet's Nail Tarts.(I am already working on them since December always proves to be a most busy month)

That is all for today, but I will be back tomorrow with the next 33DC theme.

Until then, polish happy!

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