Wednesday, 13 November 2013

33DC Day 23: Geometric

Hello polish lovers!

My post for Crumpet's 33DC for the Geometric theme was to go clean and crisp.  When I think of clean and crisp I immediately head to black and white, and I did the same this time.

On all of my nails except my ring finger I applied 1 coat of China Glaze White on White.  As I use more of this polish it has become slightly thicker and the coverage is great now, one careful coat is totally opaque.  I am all for using less polish(When you do your nails as often as I do, its good to get one coat-ers, they last longer).  On my ring finger I applied 2 coats of an unnamed Color Club black that I have decided is called Where's the Soiree?  based on swatches.

I forgot to take a photo before I applied my stamping, which is unfortunate, I was doing so much better about that(I also realized when I was doing the editing, I made the same mistake with my next post).  So here is the finished product.

I don't know what is going on with my photos.  For some reason when I add them to the post they become totally washed out.  Its really strange.  The black is much more saturated than it is showing.

UPDATE: I changed my Blogger to a Google+ account and now everything uploads correctly.(another example of Google taking over?)  So I have re-uploaded the photos so colour is correct now.

I used Konad Black and Konad White for my stamping, and the image is from BM403.  I am getting much better at centering the image, except for my pinkie which was being completely uncooperative.

That is all for this post, hopefully the photos for my next post do not do the same thing, this is getting really frustrating.

Until then, polish happy!

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