Friday, 18 October 2013

33DC Day 12: A pattern in my home

Hello polish lovers!

Today's theme for the 33DC is a pattern in our home and at first I was a little stumped.  Most of the textile items in the house tend to be solid or plaid and I wasn't really interested in doing plaid since I recently did Burberry nails for my sister.  I sat on the floor and looked around for a bit.  It finally hit me in the face...wood!  My dad was an amazing wood builder and almost everything in the house was made by him(most of the time with me acting as his second pair of hands and all around gopher).  The table that I do my nails on, my tv console, book cases, bed, and half of our house are just a few things that my Dad built over the years.  Even after he got sick and could barely make it up the hill to the garage, he was still making things.

So in a way this mani is a bit of a tribute to my Dad.

My pointer and ring fingers are 2 coats of OPI's My Private Jet(chocolate brown with scattered holo and silver flecks, yes please!) and my middle and pinky are 2 coats Revlon's Elegant(a cream-y nude, good coverage, good formula).  I topped this with SV and let dry.

Once dry I pulled out my handy stamping equipment and GALS GA12 and Klean Color Metallic Yellow and Metallic Brown for stamping.(Have I mentioned how original I find the Klean Color polish names to be?)

You can see a bit of the table behind my hand

You can see the wood grain better here.  I didn't have a colour that was a good enough match to that specific varnish but the house has both dark, light, in between, and red woods.

That is all for this post.  I will be back on Sunday with the next theme in the Falling For Nail Art Challenge, which is Creepy Crawlers.  I may do a post on Saturday but it depends how I feel when I get home from work.

Until then, polish happy!

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  1. Your wooden nails are my favorite from the ones I've seen. Genius! :