Saturday, 26 October 2013

Sally Hansen Triple Shine First Look and Review

Hello polish lovers!

I was browsing through my local Walmart earlier this week and stumbled upon the new Sally Hansen Triple Shine display!  Me being the nail polish addict that I am, I could not resist getting 2 to try out.  I decided to limit myself to 1 creme and one glitter, to get a sample of both.  The colours that I got are, Kelp Out, a bright leaf green creme, and Fanta-Sea, a silver and ice blue glitter.

I started by swatching Kelp Out.  The instructions on the bottle say to do 2 coats...but this is what 2 coats looked like on my nails.

2 coats equals definite VNL and I can't do that, my OCD kicks in and makes me want to take it all off.  So I decided to add another coat....and this is when the magic happened.

Yes! This is what I was looking for.  I love this colour!  It is so bright and cheerful, it reminds me of new leaves in the spring, not at all like Kelp, I've seen kelp and that stuff is usually much more brown than this.  The formula, besides being a 3 coat-er was smooth and creamy.  I don't think I have a similar colour in my collection.  The Triple Shine bottles have the same brush that the Insta-Dri do so it takes very few brush strokes because the brush is so wide(these photos show zero cleanup, this polish stays where you want it and doesn't flood the cuticles).

Now for Fanta-Sea.

On my pinky I have 1 coat, ring is 2 coats, middle is 3 coats, and pointer is 4 coats.  I did not do this over a base colour because I wanted to show the true colour of the polish without influence.

As you can see, this polish isn't really meant to be worn alone.  It would take way more coats than I have patience for to achieve opacity.  I am really looking forward to seeing what this looks like over undies, I think I may go dark, like a navy polish.  I may show something like that in the future.

Overall, besides the misleading instructions on the bottles(neither of these polishes are 2 coat-ers), I am rather impressed with this new line.  My photos are taken showing the polish by itself, no top coat!  They are super shiny! I have only swatched so far, I have not done a wear test, that may come in the future.

And now, for a mani I rocked for almost a week!

Ahh! Empty hand!
As you can see, this photo was taken before the sun disappeared from the skies and we were left in darkness.  This is a few days in so you can see some legitimate tip wear(normally my mani comes off way before wearing can occur) but I love this Bird plate from Messy Mansion!  The feathers look drawn on and sketchy and I love that.

That is all for today but I will be back tomorrow with the next theme in the Falling for Nail Art Challenge.

Until then, polish happy!


  1. LOve this color too! I can really feel a spring now:) Too bad we have to wait so many months to really have a spring here;)

    1. At least we can have spring on our nails. I hate looking at bare trees.