Wednesday, 2 October 2013

33DC: Mexican

Hello polish lovers!

Today I have two posts for you!  First is my 33DC attempt at Mexican nails.  I have to say this is definitely the most difficult theme so far:(  I know that Mexico is an amazing country with a long and varied history but when I think about it all I get is Mexican food and deserts.  I wasn't really interested in putting tacos and fajitas on my nails so I went with desert instead.

My base colour is 2 coats of Color Club's Sunrise Canyon from the Fiesta Collection(the whole collection is fabulous, and I managed to get it for $10 at Winners!), Sunrise Canyon is either chartreuse or yellow depending on the light(this picture is a little more yellow than my bottle actually is, but that could be because it was artificial light rather than sunlight).  I then created my desert sand using Nubar's Lemon Sherbert and the brush that came with the polish.  I actually just used the polish brush for the cactus's as well; the colour is Color Club's Wild Cactus funnily enough, also from the Fiesta collection.

I really like these nails, even though they are pretty simple, but I am glad that I went freehand rather than using my Bundle Monster Holiday Cinqo de Mayo plate.

Until next time(like, 20 minutes) polish happy!

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